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Timetable FAQ

You will find your timetable at the following address https://timetable.yorksj.ac.uk/timetable where you will be asked to input your username and password. From there you will be given a number of viewing options. To view your personal timetable you need to select the student tab on the main page. You will need to enter your student number in the ID section, followed by the selected weeks, you will notice that there is a drop down menu, this will enable you to select either an individual week or an entire semester. This is followed by the selected day and time, from there your timetable will appear.

From time to time your timetable may not be available. There can be number of reasons as to why this might be the case. The most common reasons are due to perhaps late enrollment, if this is the case there is every chance that the timetable office will be in the process of making the necessary amendments, also you may have made alterations to either a module or are now taking a completely different programme area. Throughout Welcome Week through to week three of semester one (1.03) the timetable office will be making twice daily transfer from the university records system so within a day or two the timetable office should eventually update your records. However, should you still be a little concerned that the timetable is not visible please contact the timetable office directly via e-mail timetable@yorksj.ac.uk

There are two separate timetables that you need to be aware of; your Welcome Week Timetable which includes Enrolment session, Introductions to your School etc, and your Academic Timetable which includes the teaching sessions for you course.

Your Welcome Week Timetable can be viewed in advance via the Welcome Week home page [https://www.yorksj.ac.uk/welcome/]

However, in order to view your Academic Timetable you must first be fully enrolled at the University, which can only take place on-site during Welcome Week.

Registration triggers a series of updates in our databases which take between 24-48h. Depending on when you enrol, the majority of new students can view their completed Academic Timetable by the end of Welcome Week.

You will be shown during Welcome Week how to access and download your Academic Timetable.

Only under exceptional personal circumstances are students able to move from one session to another. However, should you feel that your needs meet this requirement then please contact your tutor. However, please note that changes will not be made unless the timetable office agree that the circumstance requires the student to move sessions.

Once the timetable has been published under normal circumstances there should be little need for a session to change. However, of course changes to the timetable do occur, but only under extreme circumstances where perhaps a member of staff has fallen ill and is unable to attend the scheduled sessions, where the sessions may have to be rearranged to another day. The university has a strict protocol where changes to the sessions are concerned, where there are a number of methods of which the students will be notified. Naturally, assuming there is plenty of notice perhaps an e-mail may be sent. However, should there be very little time before the session is due to commence then a text message will be sent to all students concerned informing them of the key information.

Naturally all modules are divided equally amongst the total number of the entire group. Anyone wishing to move from one group within the module to another could unbalance the group, or perhaps the room allocated will now be unable to accommodate the session. Only under exceptional circumstances will students be moved from one group to another within a module.

Both Staff and Students will not be allocated to a teaching session/s for any longer than 3 hours without a recognized resource break.

Should you have any feedback specific to your timetable please could you send via e-mail to timetable@yorksj.ac.uk

The approved teaching hours for all undergraduate students are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 9-8pm (although where possible an 8pm finish is always avoided, followed by a 9am start the following morning) Wednesday 9-1pm and Friday 9-6pm.

No - the Examinations Officer creates the examination timetable. For further information please contact the students helpdesk.

A Rollover Timetable is a series of modules that have been carefully selected each year from various programme areas to mirror exactly how they had ran in previous years. This mainly covers post graduate programme areas, but may also cover a number of core modules within an undergraduate programme areas.

You can contact your tutor. He/she will be able to inform you if you have any module as part of the rollover timetable. Failing that you can simply log-on to the timetable yourself and see if any module information is available after the publication date of the rollover timetable.

Nothing - it simply means that it was considered not to be beneficial to your learning experience to timetable any modules within your programme at this time. Your first semester timetable will be available at the end of May.

There are two ways in which it is possible to see who is using the space at any particular time. The first is to use the timetable office website, where you will be able to view what is currently booked into any book able location. The second depending on where you are on campus is to use the QR codes that are located on each rooms door. To learn more about QR codes and their use please follow this link