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WebRoomBooking - How To's

It is important that you understand how to use the WRB and the constraints that are applied to your booking request. Please do not request a booking before reading the Room Booking & Procedures Document. Once you have read the booking policy simply click on the above Web Room Booking image. From there you will be asked to enter your university username and password. Once you have gained access you will be presented with the first page of three that needs to be completed, asking information about your basic requirements. To help enable the timetable office to action the request as quickly as possible It is very important that you complete all the fields to the best of your knowledge, providing as much information as possible, utilizing the other information section to provide further details where required.

In the unlikely event that you cannot find a suitable location on the day and time that you are looking will probably mean that there are no suitable rooms available at that time. It is advised that you ensure that you have input all fields correctly, ensuring that you do not inflate the number of attendees and you are not requesting anything that you do not require e.g. tables or a large space for 60 when there are only 20 people expected to attend the event.

To cancel any booking you have already created please log on to the WRB, select the 'my booking' link, from there you will see a list of all the previous bookings you have made, on the right-hand side select cancel. Bookings cannot be amended, should you requirements change you will need to cancel the booking, then re-enter the information. The system has been designed to enable all users to self-manage their own requirements. It is advised that you do not block book a particular location, in the event that the circumstances of the event change throughout the duration of the booking. Please do not contact the timetable office to cancel or amend any ad-hoc booking. However, should you run into difficulties please contact the TTO via e-mail at timetable@yorksj.ac.uk

On occasion you may arrive at your pre-booked location to find that somebody else is already using the space. If this is the case could i ask that you contact the TTO immediately, where a member of the team will help resolve the situation as soon as possible.*** It is important to note that the individuals that do not have the location booked will be asked to leave immediately***

For a location to be bookable, the occupancy of the location must be 70% of the total capacity. For example should you wish to book NW/006 which has a capacity of 60 the minimum number of attendees if 42.

On occasion some furniture may have been removed from a particular location to accommodate the requirements of another location. We do not encourage this type activity and we ask that nobody under any circumstances should remove furniture from one room to accommodate the needs of another. However, dispite our best efforts and that the porters return each room to their default layout on a daily basis, should it ever occur and that you require the maximum number of table and chairs that you contact the timetable office immediately.

There are two ways in which it is possible to see who is using the space at any particular time. The first is to use the timetable office website, where you will be able to view what is currently booked into any book able location. The second depending on where you are on campus is to use the QR codes that are located on each rooms door. To learn more about QR codes and their use please follow this link.

All room coding follows the same format. To keep the coding system consistent throughout the University the numbers and names have been concatenated into the format that appears on the timetable to make finding and identifying rooms easier. Example: FS/211 -LEARNING ROOM, the first two characters will be the building code ( FS - Foss). The room number will be 211 - the first character indicates which floor the room is on ( 2nd floor). Room names, numbers etc appear on sign age plates next to rooms. If in doubt, Reception staff on ext '0' will be more than happy to assist.

Within the Fountains building there are a number of small open plan meeting areas affectionately known as 'Tubs'. A Tub is basically a comfortable seating area with additional IT resources to present a presentation within your group. Should you wish to use TUB 01 ( found on the 1st floor within Fountains, FT/129 - TUB 01) please use this booking tool - only students can book this particular Tub, there are two additional Tubs available found on the ground floor, but at present TUB 02 & 03 are available without the need to reserve and can be used for group meetings without the need for the technical resources.