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2020-21 Timetable

IMPORTANT NOTE Timetables are still subject to change, due to staffing and fluctuations in numbers of students coming through clearing. Please check your timetables regularly. If you have any queries about your course, please contact your tutor in the first instance.

Continuing students

The Semester 1 timetable is now live. Semester 2 is still in draft and yet to be amended for social distancing.

Activities that show no room will be online. A Microsoft Teams booking will be created for those sessions and will appear in your calendar just before the start of the semester.

Those activities that have rooms attached will be on site. You might see more than one room listed – please go to the first one on the list and your tutor will separate your group between the rooms.

We recommend you check you online timetable carefully and daily.

The functionally to download your academic timetable, to your personal calendar, will be activated on Monday 24th August.

New students

Your Welcome Week (YSJFest) Timetables are separate from your academic timetable. Welcome Week Timetables will appear in due course and further information can be found here https://www.yorksj.ac.uk/study/welcome-guide/welcome-week/

Your academic timetables will appear on this site and will be complete by the end of Welcome week. You may already start to see some lectures and other whole-group sessions. Split-group sessions such as seminars, workshops and practicals will appear later.

Room bookings

Due to constantly changing circumstances, we are currently only accepting room bookings up until Christmas.

New room capacities. Due to social distancing, room capacities are significantly reduced. (Largest room, Temple Hall, is now only 24+1)

The University’s Covid-19 advice can be found here https://www.yorksj.ac.uk/coronavirus-advice/

Guidance for applicants can be found here https://www.yorksj.ac.uk/study/undergraduate/join-us-in-2020/coronavirus-advice-for-applicants/

Current Year